Brooke Bains

Brooke Bains began her career in investment banking and received her foundational go-to-market training while launching products and opening territories in healthcare technology. On the eve of the financial crisis, Brooke returned to her finance roots with an early-stage technology and analytics company called CoreLogic. During this time, she partnered with commercial banking executives & policymakers to re-open the capital markets and scaled customer portfolio operations from $150K to over $25MM. The company went public in 2010. 

From 2008-2017 she co-founded and bootstrapped a multi-million dollar payer-centered healthcare technology and consulting company that continues to thrive, now called Periscope365.

After completing her MBA in strategy with Pepperdine, she began working with VC and PE-backed technology companies in various go-to-market leadership capacities. With Fluid, a digital agency, she developed a machine learning solution in concert with IBM Watson that was sold to IBMs global services practice in 2016, 
Brooke's current venture is creating a new model for vital living to reimagine healthcare delivery and our relationship with food & grocery with Vital Health Partners, Step Change Innovations, and Nutritional Roots. She is on a mission to shift the paradigm of the healthcare mindset in America to one of longevity and living every day with vitality. 

She is also an Operator & Entrepreneur in Residence with Techstars, an angel investor, leadership consultant, advisor, and board member.