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For the functional food and beverage, nutraceutical, supplement, cosmetic, and companion animal markets—Step Change can meet you where you are on your product development journey.  We are an ingredient collaborative and brand incubator with experience in the development, marketing, branding, commercialization, and regulatory affairs of branded ingredients and finished products. Allow us to help you connect the dots and give you more time to focus on expanding your business.

Our focus is your focus.

Our award-winning team curates best-in-class ingredients and product solutions, with a particular focus on key markets of most concern to today’s consumers:  women’s health, mental and emotional well-being, and healthy aging.  Our goal is to drive innovation and growth for our clients, always keeping an eye on the latest developments in the industries we serve.  As we work through product development, we focus on our 4S Principles:
Safety - Science - SuSTAINABILITY - Story

Throughout our innovation process, we ask...

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Has that safety been proven to meet regulatory requirements?

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Is there clear, evidence-based research to back product claims and justify inclusion in a formula?

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IS it

Is the supply chain for an ingredient or product robust, reliable, fairly priced and accessible...and will it remain so? Bonus if it also is good for the planet.

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...that will translate to consumer loyalty, sales and repeat purchases?


An independent voice for best-in-class ingredients and finished products in every category we touch.

The end-to-end advantage.

Whether helping a fledgling startup fly confidently towards commercialization or confidentially acting as an extension of some of the world’s most successful companies, we help develop and launch new products with science-backed ingredients that tell a compelling story to consumers.
We provide support for each step in the product development process, from ideation and formulation to production and operations, while maximizing commercialization and facilitating regulatory compliance at pace.  Our extensive network of comanufacturers allows us to provide turnkey solutions utilizing innovative, science-backed ingredients.  We also can manage marketing and fulfillment while you focus on building your brand.  Look no further for seamless management of what it takes to launch a new product.
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Turnkey With a Twist

Our award-winning team has curated the best-in-class ingredients from companies around the globe.  While our reach knows no bounds, we have chosen to focus on three key areas of concern to today’s consumer:  women’s health, mental and emotional well-being, and healthy aging.  Utilizing our extensive comanufacturer network, we can pair these ingredients with unique turnkey formulations to enhance the consumer experience.  Regardless of what health benefit or functionality you’re after, we’re sure to find your ideal solution.

A Unique Approach

We also work with ingredient companies of all sizes by developing custom, innovative fee-based programs to maximize commercialization and facilitate regulatory compliance at pace.  We EXCELerate growth by identifying unique opportunities for your ingredient portfolio and establishing new ingredient brands. We also can get your ingredient into a finished product and on the market fast, amplifying your sales efforts.  Whether a startup ingredient or a large manufacturer, we will use the science and the story of your ingredient to generate revenue.
Enjoy a more efficient, less stressful approach to managing new product launches, freeing in-house talent and resources.

an impartial source for new product innovation as well as on-trend ingredients and unique delivery systems focused solely on augmenting your company’s success.

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