Driving sales for science-backed ingredients and commercializing them in consumer goods.

From ideation to execution.

Step Change Innovations is an ingredient accelerator for science-backed, branded ingredients. We partner with companies of all sizes to commercialize ingredients in the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage, companion animal, and cosmeceutical and personal care industries. Our contract manufacturing partners provide a robust network of finished good providers who specialize in a wide array of applications, creating products that truly pack a punch full of health benefits for consumers. We are experienced in development, marketing, branding, commercialization, and regulatory affairs, allowing us to help you connect the dots and giving you more time to focus on expansion of your business.

Our focus is your focus.

Our award-winning team commercializes best-in-class ingredients and unique product solutions, with a particular focus on key markets of most concern to today’s consumers: women’s health, mental and emotional well-being, and longevity. Our goal is to drive innovation and growth for our clients, always keeping an eye on the latest developments in the industries we serve. As we work with ingredient manufacturers, we focus on our 4S Principles:
Safety - Science - SuSTAINABILITY - Story

Throughout our innovation process, we ask...

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Has that safety been proven to meet regulatory requirements?

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Is there clear, evidence-based research to back product claims and justify inclusion in a formula?

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IS it

Is the supply chain for an ingredient or product robust, reliable, fairly priced and accessible...and will it remain so? Bonus if it also is good for the planet.

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...that will translate to consumer loyalty, sales and repeat purchases?


Maximizing ingredient sales through disruptive approaches.

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Custom programs that drive success.

Whether you need a beacon on the marketplace to serve as proof of concept, need help filling your sales funnel, or want to tap into a source of instant innovation, our unique programs provide reliable solutions for our clients that deliver results.
Any journey taken with Step Change begins with our Ingredient360™ program. We analyze all aspects of an ingredient, starting with safety and regulatory status. We then evaluate claim substantiation, potential applications, marketing opportunities, and consumer insights, resulting in a comprehensive report that outlines strategies for successful commercialization.
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Fast Track Program

Our Fast Track Program is all about getting a new ingredient in the market at speed.  Informed by our Ingredient360 report, we launch your ingredient in a suitable application, serving as a beacon in the marketplace to facilitate further sales and commercialization. We tell your ingredient’s story on your terms, providing proof of concept others can follow in future launches.
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Magnify Program

Selling science-backed ingredients is tough, but our team at Step Change is up for the task. We serve as your inside sales team, finding new potential customers and warming leads to fulfill your business development goals. Let us do the heavy lifting to fill your sales funnel.
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Private Label /
White Label

We provide retail outlets and consumer brands with instant access to innovative, turn-key solutions for sales under private label, one of our control brands or your own brand.
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