Step Change Innovations.  Who are we exactly?

Let’s start with who we aren’t—we are not an ingredient distributor, nor are we a contract manufacturer.  We’re not a consultant (in the traditional sense). 

 What we are—an ingredient collaborative.  A brand incubator.  An ingredient curator.  An ingredient EXCELERATOR.

We work with ingredient companies around the globe, searching for best-in-class products.  We identify white spaces where new ingredients and brands are needed to fulfill consumer desires while fitting within current market trends.

How do we serve the industry?

Fast-Track Program

The hardest part about being a new ingredient is getting into that first product.  We leverage our vast network of contract manufacturers and turn-key formulations to launch a new finished good brand featuring your ingredient, at pace, while facilitating regulatory compliance.  We nourish your ideas and bring them to fruition.  We amplify your sales and marketing teams to help tell the story of your branded ingredient by being your first customer and your launching point for building your pipeline.  When your team is asked who else is using your ingredient, you can confidently answer with proof of concept.

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people reviewing work papers
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Magnify Program

Our Magnify Program facilitates ingredient commercialization via data-driven lead warming. Concurrently with our Ingredient360™ Program, we meet with all stakeholders to understand current sales and marketing strategies, discuss previous successes and failures, and use this information to craft a custom campaign for your company and ingredient. Our industry-trained representatives create a lead list based on the best opportunities for your ingredient and reach out to appropriate contacts at each company. Our process is transparent and easily can be integrated into your existing CRM software.

Private Label /
White Label

We provide retail outlets and consumer brands with instant access to innovative, turn-key solutions for sales under private label, one of our control brands, or your own brand. Between our ingredient partners and robust contract manufacturing network, we offer a catalog of products that deliver on-trend solutions for consumer demands. Our products cater to the functional food and beverage, nutraceutical, companion animal, and cosmeceutical and personal care markets.

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Ingredient360™ Program

The Ingredient360™ program is the first step in maximizing ingredient commercialization. We take a deep dive into all facets of an ingredient: safety, regulatory status, clinical trials, application potential, consumer insights, marketing opportunities, and retail opportunities. We use all this information to provide concrete recommendations for ingredient commercialization, whether launching a new product under our Fast Track Program or building a custom lead warming campaign under our Magnify Program.

Above all, we want to be your partner. 

We want to meet you where you’re at and provide you with the resources to maximize commercialization and generate revenue, all while facilitating regulatory compliance and moving at speed.  We don’t want just to facilitate your growth and realization of ideas—we want to EXCELERATE them.