VICE PRESIDENT of science and innovation

Devon Gholam, Ph.D.

At the heart of Step Change Innovations is marrying the science of ingredients with a story that results in sales--that's where Devon Gholam's unique expertise shines. Devon is our scientific storyteller, drawing upon her commercial experience and academic achievements to thoroughly research ingredients and food technology and parlay that information into cohesive, educational, and easily digestible white papers and sales tools. Passionate about science and research, Devon also keeps afloat of emerging products and technologies that could provide value to Step Change’s partners.

Prior to joining Step Change and taking time from her career to raise her son, Devon worked in technical sales at Roquette America, educating customers on Roquette's extensive ingredient portfolio and providing innovative ideas for healthful food formulations using products such as pea protein and various fibers.  Devon also worked with the sales team at Ganeden Biotech and worked part-time for over two years in research and development at the Kellogg Company while attending college. Most recently, Devon has been a regular contributor to Prepared Foods Magazine, writing on topics including gut health and fiber ingredients.

Devon graduated from Purdue University and completed Master of Science and Doctorate degrees in food science with an emphasis on food chemistry. She also graduated cum laude from Western Michigan University with a bachelor of science in chemistry with double minors in computer science and mathematics.