Dr. Todd Pesek, MD

Dr. Todd is a holistic physician who specializes in disease prevention and reversal toward longevity and vital living. In addition to serving as our Medical Director, Dr. Todd is the Founder and President of VitalHealth Partners, a private group medical practice in Northeastern Ohio that focuses on preventative, integrative, holistic healthcare.

He has served as Medical Director to numerous companies including Fortune 200 Company, Parker Hannifin and currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of Heinen’s Grocery Store in Northeastern Ohio and Chicago Illinois. Being the first ever CMO of a grocery store, in addition to trend setting, his operations include the buildout of wellness centers, the training of wellness consultants, the development of Fx and Fx+ programs which enable hundreds of thousands of people to successfully make healthier diet and lifestyle choices. His latest accomplishment therein is the launching of Heinen’s Personalized Nutrition Center and associated VitalHealth Optimization Panel, a proprietary blood and urine assessment targeting key metrics in three critical systems: Immune, Digestive and Cardiovascular Health. Personalized recommendations are then made in terms of food first, smart supplementation and even advanced vitamin therapies in support of these three critical systems and importantly cardiovascular disease risk mitigation.

He is a professor of Health Sciences and Human Performance, with tenure, at Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio where his international research platform in longevity and vital living, ethnobotany, ethnopharmacology, and phytochemistry has led him to identify longevity strategies and the role that plants and people interface therein. He has isolated novel plant compounds with medicinal applications including terpenes and even sesquiterpenes from complex floras the world-over and based on indigenous pharmacopoeias in collaborative fashion.

In addition, Dr. Todd is a master formulator having successfully launched several leading supplement brands including NEXTY and Delicious Living Gold recognized Nutritional Roots, one of the very first hemp-based product lines in the US, and leading premium medical cannabis brand, Lighthouse Sciences.

His lines develop leading solutions in support of immune, digestive and cardiovascular health. As well as entourage blends targeting novel solutions to structure function aspects in human physiology including complex issues such as: performance and energy enhancement, balanced mood, restful sleep, stress mitigation, chronic pain abatement, mental clarity and nootropics for cognitive health.

Dr. Todd received his medical doctorate from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and completed his training in Medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.

In his copious free time, he enjoys exploring nature and the wisdom of nature and our elders as well as practicing ancient arts including Yang Tai Chi, Ashtanga Yoga and contemplating the nature of consciousness. When he isn’t doing that, or perhaps it’s all intertwined anyway, he is doing some type of exercise, playing music, or just chilling with his kids, Kaia and Lily and his fur baby, Leo the little lion.

His recent success is health and wellness best-seller, Eat Yourself Super… One Bite at a Time: A Superfoods Journey for the Happy, Healthy, and Hungry.

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